Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 3

We’ve looked at what an application is and how to develop one, now on to part 3.

How Do I Teach the Application in the Program?
Once you have a specific application set, plan to teach it at least three times during the entire program. Each time, you’ll give the specific application, but approach it from a slightly different angle.

The first time you present the application should be early in the program, after a play or other program part. Give the audience a brief summary statement of the play or program item then link into your teaching. For the teaching choose two of the questions you answered in part 1 of this series and present their answers to the group. (You do not have to answer them in the order listed. Choose the questions that best fit each teaching situation.) Give the application activity statement and link into the next part of your program. 

David knew that he could trust God to give him the victory over Goliath.
Link: That story happened a long time ago. Can you and I trust God to give victory over our problems today?
Application Teaching: Yes, you can trust God to give you victory over problems if you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin. If you have done that, you are God’s child and have the promise of his power to help you with any problem. (Who.) But in order to get that help, you need to start focusing your attention on God instead of your problem. When you focus your attention on God and think about how big and powerful he is, you’ll be reminded that he is the one who has the power to help you with any problem. (What.) When you face a difficult problem, focus your attention on God by thinking about five things you know to be true about God and ask for his help. (Application activity statement.)
Link: One of our puppets, Norman, is having a rough day. Nothing seems to be going right…

We’ll continue this in the next blog post.

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