The Puppet Team

Do You Make Use Of The Entire Stage?

Puppet stages come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but it seems that most puppeteers tend to gravitate to the front and don’t move around much. I’ve also seen times when puppets bunched together on one side of the theater and left the other side wide open. While some plays may call for puppets […]

Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 3

We’ve looked at what an application is and how to develop one, now on to part 3. How Do I Teach the Application in the Program?Once you have a specific application set, plan to teach it at least three times during the entire program. Each time, you’ll give the specific application, but approach it from […]

Combating Burnout in Puppet Ministry

Burnout is a word that has become common and is often due to stress and busyness. If you’re not careful, burnout can creep into puppet ministry and usually shows up when mediocrity sets in and things have become predictable. Stress is often considered to be a large factor in burnout, but I tend to disagree. […]

Add Variety to Your Puppet Experience-Part 2

The last post talked about the importance of adding variety to your puppet programs. Here are some additional things we do. Balloon SculpturesYou can purchase balloons designed for sculpturing in most party supply stores along with instructions on basic twists and techniques. These work well because of the element of suspense they bring into your […]

Add Variety to Your Puppet Experience

The last post talked about how puppets are great tools for entertainment and teaching, but if that’s all you do, they will soon lose their effectiveness. If you use puppets for 30-40 minutes every week in your children’s church the kids will soon tire of them. To be truly effective in ministry you need a […]

3 Ingredients of a Successful Puppet Team – Part 3

The last two posts talked about the importance of teamwork and heart. This post gives the third ingredient, puppet skills. Puppet SkillsWhile the puppetry quality is important, notice that it’s third in the list. A quality puppet program requires great teamwork; skills alone aren’t enough. If the team doesn’t like each other or refuses to […]

3 Ingredients of a Successful Puppet Team – Part 2

The last post gave the first key ingredient for a successful puppet team. Here is the next one. HeartA second key ingredient I look for in puppet teams is their heart. During the set up and preparation I observe their heart and attitude toward other team members and the director. In the teams that shine, […]

3 Ingredients of a Successful Puppet Team – Part 1

For about 10 years now, I’ve had the privilege of judging at an event called Teens Involved where teens compete in various ministry aspects, puppetry being one of them. Each year I’m impressed with the quality and caliber of the presentations, but there are usually one or two teams that stand out. In this and […]

Do You Enjoy Your Puppet Shows?

Nerves can greatly reduce the quality of your puppet shows. On our first team there was a puppeteer that got so nervous while performing that his arm actually shook. It didn’t take long for the problem to go away, but his first few performances were interesting. You show your best quality puppetry skills when performing […]

10 Tips to Help Develop a Ministry Mindset in Your Team

In an earlier post, I talked about the difference between a ministry and a performance mindset. Here are 10 ideas on how you can develop a ministry mindset in your team. Emphasis ministry instead of performance. Instead of talking about doing puppet shows, call them ministry opportunities. When giving encouraging words about how well a […]

Did We Forget Something? (Part 2)

The last post talked about creating a master checklist that you can personalize for each performance and create a check list for loading supplies. I used a spreadsheet program and saved the file. Then for each program, I would remove the unneeded items and print it as my checklist. The problem was, once I made […]

Did We Forget Something?

When we first started traveling with our puppets, I’d go through our equipment and pack everything I thought we’d need. It worked great until one day we got to a venue about three and a half hours away from home and discovered we forgot all of our cassette tapes. The majority of our plays for […]

Should a Christian Puppet Team do Secular Programs?

In past posts, I’ve talked about looking for opportunities to minister outside of churches like parades, nursing homes, parks, camps, etc. The focus was on presenting Bible programs and sharing the gospel in those venues. But what if you get invited to do a program in a secular setting where you aren’t allowed to mention […]

Should We Charge for Our Programs?

When we first began traveling to other churches with our puppets we had to answer the question of whether or not we would charge. We looked at several possibilities. Charge a Set FeeIt costs money to put on a puppet show at another church. There are travel expenses which can include gas, tolls, and parking, […]

Puppets Are Tools, Not Toys

Whenever we add a new member to our puppet team, we always go over some basics before they start. One truth we emphasis is that puppets are tools and not toys. Most of the puppets we have cost over a hundred dollars each and when you multiply that by twenty or so puppets, you have […]