Reinforce Your Play With An Object Lesson

Puppet plays are effective because they allow the children to see and hear the truths you want to impart and it’s all done is story fashion. A play by itself will convey important truths, but the impact is even stronger when those truths are reinforced with an object lesson. This post will show how you can use your scripts to develop an additional teaching opportunity.

Start by determining what main teaching is for the play you want to use. You may want to write it out so it’s visible during the process. Then read through the script and make a list of any objects that are mentioned. In one of our plays, a puppet is trying to start a dead battery by pushing a button. All you see is the button, but they talk about the battery. You could then present an object lesson using a rechargeable battery from a cordless drill. Some of the objects our plays mention are: a road map, lightning rod, hoe handle, eggs, marble, a tin can, and a stop sign. Those came to mind without even looking at the scripts.

Besides looking for things that are mentioned, look for objects that aren’t specifically talked about, but would be in the picture if it was a real life story. Someone may ask what time it is. Even though a clock or watch may not be mentioned, you would need one to share what time it is. If the puppet talks about walking on a path through a forest you can picture objects such as trees, rocks, mud or dirt, forest animals,  ferns or other plants, or insects.

Once you get a list of objects, think about them in terms of the main truth you want to teach. Ask God to show you how to use one or more of them to reinforce the teaching of the play. In one of our plays, the owner of a soda shop is worried because he can’t pay his bills. During the play he asks another puppet if they know the time. Once the play is over, you can use a clock or watch as an object lesson. Talk about how time keeps on day after day, week after week, and so on. It is faithful. You can always depend on it. It doesn’t change. Those are all attributes of God. He is faithful and dependable and unchanging. You can trust him to meet your need.

When you add a related object lesson to your play, you reinforce the truths presented and make it easier for the children to learn them. Why not give it a try and see what happens?

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