Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 5

This post concludes the steps to giving a specific application to your puppet programs. We’ve talked about the first two application times, now we’ll focus on the third and final one.

 The third time you present the application should be as close to the end of the program as possible so it will be fresh on the minds of the audience members as they leave. Give the audience a brief summary statement of the play or program item and link into your teaching. For the teaching choose the final two questions and present their answers to the group. Remind the audience of the verse you gave earlier and then give them the application activity statement as a final challenge to end your program.

Summary: Mr. Jones knew it would be hard to keep his promise. He made it without thinking of the consequences, but knew his son was counting on him.
Link: What did he do? He remembered that God would give him the power to keep his promise no matter how hard it would be.
Application Teaching: He focused his attention on God. He didn’t wait, but did it right where he was. When you face a problem and remember the need to focus on God, do it right where you are. (Where.) Don’t wait or look for a better place; do it right away. (When.) As you begin to focus on God, he will help you remember that he has the power to handle any problem you face. He may even remind you of Philippians 4:13 (quote the verse). Remember to stop focusing on your problem and start focusing on God. To help you remember that our challenge to you is this: think about five things you know to be true about God and then ask his help. (Application activity statement.)
Closing: As you close the program, it helps if you can hand out a reminder slip to each individual. Have it state the application activity statement, the verse you used, and anything else you think is important.

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