Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 2

The last post focused on what is an application and this one moves on to developing one.

How Do I Develop an Application?
Think about the basic questions: who, what, how, why, where, and when. When developing your application, ask these questions about the main theme.

In answering the questions, look for applicable Bible passages and verses to support your answers. As you answer these questions, one or more activity ideas should present themselves. Then it is a matter of choosing which one is the most appropriate for the program you are presenting. Write an application activity statement that gives a specific and measurable way to apply the truth such as; “Our challenge to you is this: each day this week say thank you to at least 5 people that you normally wouldn’t thank.”

NOTE: Rather than choosing an application for each play, choose one application for the audience to work on and have each play or program activity reinforce that application.

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