Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 1

What is an Application?
The application is where you take the truth presented in the play and give the audience a specific way to use that truth in their own lives. In the introduction and during the play, you helped them learn the truth. In other words, you imparted knowledge. Knowledge is good and important, but according to the Bible, knowledge by itself puffs up. Just knowing facts alone can lead to pride which is not what you’re looking for. You’re audience needs to go beyond the facts and discover how to use those facts in their own lives in a beneficial way.

The key word in the above definition is “specific.” If you give a broad application, most audience members won’t follow through on it. For instance, if your application is “God wants you to win over problems,” people are going to have a hard time doing it. What do you mean by win? How do I win over problems? What if I face an overwhelming problem? An application that is too general can create more questions than activity and can be overwhelming. If someone attempts to win over a problem and fails because they are doing it in their own strength, they can become discouraged and quit.

It’s better to give a specific activity they can accomplish fairly easily and often. Instead of saying God wants you win over problems, make it more specific. “When you face a difficult problem, think about five things you know to be true about God and ask him for his help.” That is something anyone can do and is easy enough to encourage many in the audience to give it a try.

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