Puppet Programming

Reinforce Your Play With An Object Lesson

Puppet plays are effective because they allow the children to see and hear the truths you want to impart and it’s all done is story fashion. A play by itself will convey important truths, but the impact is even stronger when those truths are reinforced with an object lesson. This post will show how you […]

Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 5

This post concludes the steps to giving a specific application to your puppet programs. We’ve talked about the first two application times, now we’ll focus on the third and final one.  The third time you present the application should be as close to the end of the program as possible so it will be fresh […]

Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 4

The last post talked about the first time to introduce your application teaching. This one emphasizes the second time. The second time you present the application will be in a similar manner, but this time, answer two different questions from your study. Give the audience a brief summary statement of the play or program item […]

Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 2

The last post focused on what is an application and this one moves on to developing one. How Do I Develop an Application?Think about the basic questions: who, what, how, why, where, and when. When developing your application, ask these questions about the main theme. Who should the application be toward? (Believers? Those who don’t […]

Applying Your Puppet Plays, Part 1

What is an Application?The application is where you take the truth presented in the play and give the audience a specific way to use that truth in their own lives. In the introduction and during the play, you helped them learn the truth. In other words, you imparted knowledge. Knowledge is good and important, but […]

What is the Main Emphasis in Your Puppet Program? Part 2

Develop a Main Theme for the Non-Christian The Bible says that the “natural man” (the person without Christ) cannot understand the things of God since they don’t have Christ living in them to help them. Therefore, if you try to teach unbelievers Biblical truths and encourage them to apply the truths to their lives, it […]

What’s the Main Emphasis in Your Puppet Program? Pt. 1

When we first started traveling, we didn’t have a huge selection of plays so when it came time to put a program together, I chose plays we had ready or were close to being ready and placed them in an order that seemed good. Sometimes we were asked to follow a specific theme and did […]

Use Your Puppets to Introduce New Songs

A couple of Sundays ago, we introduced a new song to the kids in our Junior Church program. Rather than tell them that we’ve got a new song and play it for them, we decided to be a bit more creative. We use PowerPoint® presentations during our children’s church time, and I put the words […]

It’s Important to Start and End Well

In too many cases, I’ve seen teams that have put the majority of their work into the puppetry aspect and quickly run through the introduction and application. It’s like they rush to get to the puppets and then once done, rush to finish the presentation. That probably isn’t true in most cases, but that’s the […]

There’s More in Your Puppet Scripts than Just Words

In writing about getting more out of your scripts, one more possibility came to me that I’d like to share today. Most likely, you include more in your programs than just puppetry. In ours we use object lessons, balloon sculptures, gospel tricks, etc. Reading through your plays can often give you object lesson ideas or […]

There’s More in Your Puppet Scripts than Just Words

The last post talked about getting the best value out of your scripts. Here are three more ways to mine great stuff out of your scripts to improve the quality of your plays. • Scripts will often give you suggestions for props, if you look for them. For instance, in the Vitamin play, the puppets talked […]

What can I do with puppet scripts I’ve paid for but can’t really use?

The teams I’ve worked with over the years have been Christian teams ministering to local churches and camps, so we get our material from Christian companies. One thing I’ve learned is that just because a play was written by a believer doesn’t mean that I can automatically use it. When I get a new play, […]

Energize Your Puppet Scripts – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about the importance of maintaining proper volume when doing scripts. If the audience can’t hear the play, having great puppet skills doesn’t help. If you want to energize your play and make it one that the audience will remember, there is one key element you have to have. Enthusiasm! […]

Energize Your Puppet Scripts

In judging at the Teens Involved competition each year, I’ve seen several hundred scripts performed. Some I still remember, but others faded from memory on the way home. What made the difference? Here’s some insight I’ve gleaned from these presentations. The First is Volume. Puppeteers have to speak loud enough, without yelling, for the audience […]

A Simple Step to Use When Writing Your Own Plays

Through the course of our puppet experience, we’ve written several scripts. Some can be found on my website (www.ExperiencePuppets.com/puppetscripts.html) as free downloads. When writing a script, one basic thing to keep in mind is that you are telling (or acting out) a story. To write a story well, you need to keep in mind the […]