Puppet Practices

The Top 10 Things To Work When Developing Puppet Skills-Part 1

There are a number of Top 10 lists being created, so I thought I’d chime in with my own. In this and the next couple of posts, I’ll cover my Top Ten List of things to work on to develop your puppet skills. The list is written in the order the things occur, not in […]

Back to the Basics and Then Some

In previous posts, I’ve talked about various fundamentals and how important it is to consistently work on them. When your fundamentals are solid, your puppets appear more lifelike and you have a greater potential of communicating your message. Today I’d like to touch on a new one. The mouths of most puppets are lined with […]

Puppet Practice Possibility

Structure is important in having successful puppet team practices, but be careful you don’t go overboard. Practices are not profitable if all you do is fool around. You may have a great time, but won’t get much done. If you are too stiff and formal, you might get a lot done, but there will be […]

What Shouldn’t I Do When Critiquing a Fellow Puppeteer?

The last post talked about the importance of critiquing in order to improve your puppet skills. Critiquing is when someone out front watches your performance and gives suggestions to improve the quality of the puppetry. Here are some things to keep in mind when critiquing: The goal is to improve the puppeteer’s skills. It’s not […]

The Value of A Practice Agenda

Over the years, I’ve conducted many puppet practices and have discovered the value of planning ahead. For some reason, even though I know it, I don’t always follow through. Case in point…I recently began a new puppet team with four sixth and seventh graders. These kids have a passion for puppets and are excited about […]

How fast can you take down your theater?

That may seem like an insignificant question at first, but there is a reason I ask it. During our travels, we often did a Sunday School program in the main auditorium to the whole Sunday School. Then, we’d have to remove all the equipment from the stage before the morning service started. Many times we […]

Learn From Your Programs

Much of your puppet training will take place during practice sessions, but if you know how, you can learn much from your programs as well. It’s easy to finish one program and then immediately focus on the next one. A good habit to develop is to do a “program debriefing” as soon as you can […]