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Combating Burnout in Puppet Ministry

Burnout is a word that has become common and is often due to stress and busyness. If you’re not careful, burnout can creep into puppet ministry and usually shows up when mediocrity sets in and things have become predictable. Stress is often considered to be a large factor in burnout, but I tend to disagree. […]

What Kind of Puppet Should We Look For?

So far we’ve looked at human arm, regular puppets and full bodied puppets. This post we’ll look at the full body with removable legs. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: • If you are performing in a regular theater, you can remove the legs and use it like a regular puppet.• If you want to […]

PVC Theater Construction Tips

PVC pipe frame theaters are popular because they are easy to make, are relatively inexpensive, and are durable. The pipe frame we use was actually constructed about thirty years ago and we’ve only had to replace two pieces. It’s been assembled and taken down literally hundreds of times, transported to many churches and venues, stored […]

Where Can We Get Low Cost Promotional Products For Our Puppet Team?

Word of mouth is one of the best promotional methods for a puppet team. Having a professional looking business card to hand out is important not only for contacts but for people who wish to pray for or give to your ministry. A business card on the refrigerator can be a continual reminder of your […]

Where Can Our Puppet Team Minister Outside of Church?

For over fifteen years my wife and I had a traveling puppet team that ministered throughout New York State and several surrounding states. Most of our programs were presented at churches, but we also had a number of non-church venues. Here’s a list of some venues you may want to consider. Nursing homes. Many nursing […]

What Should I Do When Critiquing Other Puppeteers?

The last two posts have talked about critiquing in order to improve your puppet skills. Critiquing is when someone out front watches your performance and gives suggestions to improve the quality of the puppetry. Critiquing, when done properly, is one of the greatest ways a team can help a puppeteer improve their skills. When practicing, […]

Critiquing Puppet Plays-What’s That?

One of the things that helped improve my puppetry the most is called critiquing. Critiquing is when someone watches your performance and gives hints, helps, and suggestions to help you improve. The first team my wife and I worked with had a director who was a stickler for details. He didn’t work the puppets, but […]

Need a Quick Puppet Theater? Use a Doorway.

Sometimes you may be asked to perform a puppet show in a place you don’t have enough space to set up your theater or don’t have a theater available. What do you do? You could find something in the room to hide behind, a piano, a standing chalkboard, or a desk. If you’re presentation involves […]

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Add a Puppet Drummer to Your Repertoire

This past week, we introduced a puppet drummer to our Junior Church to accompany the songs we were doing. He went over great so I thought I’d share with you how we did it. To start with, we purchased a child sized drum set from Puppets from One Way Street and built a shelf for […]

Fastening Scripts to Your Theater

One of the things to consider when using puppet scripts is how you will fasten them to your theater. The key is to do it in a way that will protect them, but keep them easily seen. In this post I’ll share a couple of different ways to hang them. Initially, we fastened just the […]

Protecting Puppet Scripts

One of the problems in using scripts in a live performance is that they can fall off and be damaged, or can be ruined by mishandling them during the performance. While, you can’t always stop that from happening, you can protect your scripts. What I suggest is to get a 3-Ring Binder and some top-loading […]

Remember, Puppets are Tools, Not Toys

Being part of a puppet team/ministry is exciting and rewarding and is also a privilege. It is important to keep your purpose in mind and what you want your team to accomplish. Sometimes if a puppeteer forgets, they may look at puppets as toys and treat them as such. I’ve seen puppeteers bite things with […]

Introduction to our Puppet Tips Blog

One of the goals of this blog and our website Experience Puppets is to provide online training and helps to the puppetry community. Our emphasis is on puppet ministry for the Christian community and using puppets to teach about the importance of building character into your life for both sacred and secular teams. On the […]