Blacklight Puppetry

Black Lights

When starting the black light emphasis in our puppet ministry, we obviously had to get some black lights. We don’t have a huge budget for our ministry, so I wanted to start out as inexpensively as possible. That way, if it didn’t work for some reason, we wouldn’t be out a lot of money. If […]

Black Light Puppet Song Background Idea

We recently started using black light puppetry in our ministry and have four black light puppets: a girl, a boy, and two clownfish. One Sunday, we decided to use the girl to sing a praise and worship song, but wanted to have something in the background. Since she was singing, the thought came to me, […]

Help for Starting a Blacklight Ministry

We knew nothing about black lights when deciding to use them in our puppet ministry, so I did some research to find out about them. On the Puppets from One Way Street  website, I came across a DVD called How to Start a Blacklight Ministry. It only cost $20, so I took the chance and […]

How Did We Get Started in Black Light Puppetry?

Throughout our ministry, we’ve focused our puppetry on using arm rod puppets and a couple of human arm puppets. I’d heard about black light puppetry, but didn’t know anything about it. I was asked to teach a weekly puppet class at a nearby non-public school and planned to team up with a guy that had […]

What is Blacklight Puppetry

On Easter Sunday this year, we introduced Black Light Puppetry to our children’s church program and it was a huge success. So much so that we now do something with black lights two to three times a month. Up until this point in our puppet experience we focused on hand puppets, but this new experience […]