7 Voice Altering Tips for Your Puppet Plays

When performing using a script, it’s a good idea to alter your voice a bit, especially if you’re performing before a group of people who know you. You don’t have to make a huge change, just enough so it sounds different. With the slightly different voice coming out of a puppet most people won’t know it’s you. How can you make those minor changes? Here are some ideas.

  1. Raise the pitch (speak in a higher voice.) There have been times I’ve had to do a girl puppet in a skit. By simply raising the pitch of my voice I was able to do it in a convincing manner. I also do it when using a little boy puppet.
  2. Lower the pitch. This is useful for doing an adult voice. 
  3. Speed up your talking. This works for an excited puppet or one that has a lot of excess energy. 
  4. Slow down your talking.
  5. Speak with an accent. 
  6. Use a nasal voice. If you don’t know how, lightly pinch your nostrils together and talk. Pay attention to what is happening and then try to mimic it without the pinching. With practice, you can learn to use a nasal voice quite easily. 
  7. Speak in a monotone if it fits the character. In other words, talk on the same level without raising or lowering the pitch for any words.

As you read through the script, look for things that help you know what kind of voice to use. Put the puppet on and practice using a couple of different voices and choose the one that works the best. When you develop additional voices, you’re expanding and deepening your puppet experience.

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