Welcome to the world of puppetry! Puppets are fun to use, enjoyed by all ages, and are an effective teaching tool. They come in all shapes and sizes and have been around for hundreds—even thousands—of years.

My wife and I have been involved with puppetry for over twenty-five years. We started out as puppeteers for a traveling team where we fell in love with puppetry and learned both basic and advanced skills. Attending several professional puppet training seminars added to our education and experience.

Soon, we formed our own team and began traveling to churches, camps, nursing homes, parks, and other areas conducting puppet shows for all ages.

In running the puppet team, we taught each new member the basic and advanced skills necessary to put on a quality performance. Utilizing that training, we branched out into offering a Puppet Elective at a near-by Bible college. Over sixty young people were trained in puppetry through that experience. We’ve also conducted puppet training seminars in local churches.

There is a need for quality puppet training and helps and we offer this blog and its tips as a way to meet the need. Puppets are an excellent teaching tool because they entertain while learning is taking place.

It is our hope and desire that this blog and the tips shared will allow you to truly “experience puppets” in a way that is fun, effective, and rewarding.

Timothy Brown

Puppet Tim

Puppet Tim