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Back to the Basics and Then Some

In previous posts, I’ve talked about various fundamentals and how important it is to consistently work on them. When your fundamentals are solid, your puppets appear more lifelike and you have a greater potential of communicating your message. Today I’d like to touch on a new one. The mouths of most puppets are lined with […]

Should a Christian Puppet Team do Secular Programs?

In past posts, I’ve talked about looking for opportunities to minister outside of churches like parades, nursing homes, parks, camps, etc. The focus was on presenting Bible programs and sharing the gospel in those venues. But what if you get invited to do a program in a secular setting where you aren’t allowed to mention […]

Should We Charge for Our Programs?

When we first began traveling to other churches with our puppets we had to answer the question of whether or not we would charge. We looked at several possibilities. Charge a Set FeeIt costs money to put on a puppet show at another church. There are travel expenses which can include gas, tolls, and parking, […]

Puppets Are Tools, Not Toys

Whenever we add a new member to our puppet team, we always go over some basics before they start. One truth we emphasis is that puppets are tools and not toys. Most of the puppets we have cost over a hundred dollars each and when you multiply that by twenty or so puppets, you have […]

It’s Important to Start and End Well

In too many cases, I’ve seen teams that have put the majority of their work into the puppetry aspect and quickly run through the introduction and application. It’s like they rush to get to the puppets and then once done, rush to finish the presentation. That probably isn’t true in most cases, but that’s the […]

What Makes A Great Puppet Team?

Teams that do well work together and support each other. On each team, there are various levels of puppet skills. Some are advanced in their knowledge and skills and others are just starting out. Effective teams are ones where the advanced puppeteer works with the beginner and focuses on the team presentation. Sometimes, an advanced […]

The Difference Between a Performance and a Ministry Mindset

One goal of your puppet team should be to develop ministry mindsets in the teens and leaders. You’re not just performing a puppet show, but using puppets to communicate important truths and to impact the audience for Christ. To truly accomplish great things for God, each team and individual needs to develop a ministry mindset, […]

The Importance of the Overall Puppet Presentation

In ministering with puppets, there are three parts to the presentation that are key to a successful performance: the message, the vehicle, the impact. All three are important and if one is weak, it impacts the entire presentation. Let’s look at them in a bit more detail. The Message. This is the key concept, principle, […]

Effective Puppet Play Introductions

Many puppet play introductions I see are quoted from a memorized script. While the content may be great, the delivery reduces the impact of that content. Here are some reasons why. When quoting from a memorized script, you focus on getting the words out in the proper order, not the audience. The words come out […]

To Be Effective, BE YOURSELF

When starting our first puppet ministry in Junior Church, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and so tried to be just like the guy who taught me puppets. We did the same things he did, copied his mannerisms, and tried to minister just like he did. We found out it doesn’t work. If […]

What Kind of Puppet Should We Look For?

So far we’ve looked at human arm, regular puppets and full bodied puppets. This post we’ll look at the full body with removable legs. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: • If you are performing in a regular theater, you can remove the legs and use it like a regular puppet.• If you want to […]