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What Kind of Puppet Should We Look For?

So far we’ve talked about the human arm and the half body (regular) puppet. This post will center on the full body puppet, the type where you can’t detach the legs. We’ve used this type of puppet for close to a year now and have seen some advantages and disadvantages compared to the regular puppet.Advantages:• These […]

What Kind of Puppet Should We Look For?

Last post talked about one of the more difficult puppets on the market today the human arm puppet. This one will look at what is still my favorite, the half body puppet. This has been a standard in puppet ministries since I began working puppets. The half body or regular puppet has you insert your […]

What Kind of Puppet Should We Look For?

When we began our puppet experience, we only had two choices of hand puppets; regular (half-body) puppets and human arm puppets. A human arm puppet is a half-body puppet that has special sleeves that allow you to use your own arms and hands. Today there are full-body puppets with or without removable legs. Also, some […]

How Many Puppets Does a Beginning Puppet Team Need?

When we first started our puppet experience, we only had two puppets and a make-shift puppet theater. Upon finding out how effective they are, we decided to get some more. The two we had were animal puppets, but most scripts seemed to call for people puppets. We initially started with five puppets; a man, two […]

Are puppets still effective today?

Are puppets still effective today? That’s a good question to ask. After all, we live in a tech savvy culture where children are exposed to all kinds of technological images from video games to television to movies to the internet, etc. The special effects in the video games and TV and movies are getting better […]

PVC Theater Construction Tips

PVC pipe frame theaters are popular because they are easy to make, are relatively inexpensive, and are durable. The pipe frame we use was actually constructed about thirty years ago and we’ve only had to replace two pieces. It’s been assembled and taken down literally hundreds of times, transported to many churches and venues, stored […]

Black Lights

When starting the black light emphasis in our puppet ministry, we obviously had to get some black lights. We don’t have a huge budget for our ministry, so I wanted to start out as inexpensively as possible. That way, if it didn’t work for some reason, we wouldn’t be out a lot of money. If […]