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Black Light Puppet Song Background Idea

We recently started using black light puppetry in our ministry and have four black light puppets: a girl, a boy, and two clownfish. One Sunday, we decided to use the girl to sing a praise and worship song, but wanted to have something in the background. Since she was singing, the thought came to me, […]

How Can I Use Two Puppets at Once? Part 3

Using two puppets at once during a song is one thing, but what about when doing a play? Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where a puppeteer has to do two puppets during a play. It’s not the ideal, but it can be done successfully. Here are some tips: If possible, choose the […]

How Can I Use Two Puppets at Once? Part 2

Using two puppets during a song is not too difficult since they are both singing the same words. But what happens if each puppet has a different part or you are doing a play with two puppets? Here’s some ideas. Practice, practice, practice. At Christmas time, my wife and I did a song with a […]

How Can I Use Two Puppets at Once?

When we do a song in our Junior Church program, I like to have as many puppets up as possible for a bigger effect. In our current theater, we can have up to ten puppets onstage at once. The thing is, we only have six members on our team. To have ten puppets up, some […]

Attach Both Rods to Your Puppet Even if You Only Know How to Work One

Puppets arms are designed to hang naturally, so you can perform without using the arm rods and it will look fine. Using a few arm gestures does add to the presentation as long as you don’t overdo it. Beginning puppeteers can do some basic one arm movements (scratch head, rub chin, point, etc.) but it […]

Help for Starting a Blacklight Ministry

We knew nothing about black lights when deciding to use them in our puppet ministry, so I did some research to find out about them. On the Puppets from One Way Street  website, I came across a DVD called How to Start a Blacklight Ministry. It only cost $20, so I took the chance and […]