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Where can we get low cost promotional products for our puppet team?

Word of mouth is one of the best promotional methods for a puppet team. As people hear about your ministry and impact, they often think of someone who could benefit such as their pastor, children’s ministry director, youth leader, etc. You can write down the information for them to pass on, but it is easier […]

Where Can Our Puppet Team Minister Outside of Church?

For over fifteen years my wife and I had a traveling puppet team that ministered throughout New York State and several surrounding states. Most of our programs were presented at churches, but we also had a number of non-church venues. Here’s a list of some venues you may want to consider. Nursing homes. Many nursing […]

There’s More in Your Puppet Scripts than Just Words

In writing about getting more out of your scripts, one more possibility came to me that I’d like to share today. Most likely, you include more in your programs than just puppetry. In ours we use object lessons, balloon sculptures, gospel tricks, etc. Reading through your plays can often give you object lesson ideas or […]

There’s More in Your Puppet Scripts than Just Words

The last post talked about getting the best value out of your scripts. Here are three more ways to mine great stuff out of your scripts to improve the quality of your plays. • Scripts will often give you suggestions for props, if you look for them. For instance, in the Vitamin play, the puppets talked […]

There’s More in Your Puppet Scripts than Just Words

In my book, Experience Puppets, I spend time showing you how to prepare using a script in a performance. The idea is to practice it enough that you don’t have to read it while you perform. The book includes some strategies to help you accomplish that. There’s more to a script than just reading and […]