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Puppet Practice Possibility

Structure is important in having successful puppet team practices, but be careful you don’t go overboard. Practices are not profitable if all you do is fool around. You may have a great time, but won’t get much done. If you are too stiff and formal, you might get a lot done, but there will be […]

Make the Most Out of Your Puppet Team Practices

A weekly puppet practice is important to prepare your programs, develop your skills, strengthen your arm muscles, and more. How you run those practices is also important. Early on, with our first team, we had weekly practices, but didn’t have much structure to them. In fact, we wasted a lot of time. I didn’t realize […]

What can I do with puppet scripts I’ve paid for but can’t really use?

The teams I’ve worked with over the years have been Christian teams ministering to local churches and camps, so we get our material from Christian companies. One thing I’ve learned is that just because a play was written by a believer doesn’t mean that I can automatically use it. When I get a new play, […]

How Do We Develop a Puppet Team Covenant?

Membership on a puppet team takes commitment and dedication for the team to be successful. People have a lot going on in their lives and tend to stretch themselves too thin. When that happens, commitments can falter, attendance can become sporadic, and they can eventually drop off the team. While you can’t stop that from […]

How Do I Publish a Monthly Puppet Team Newsletter?

The past two posts have talked about the importance of a monthly newsletter. Having one is great, but how do I produce it? Here is one way I’ve found to be effective. Step 1. Create a template. Many word processing documents allow you to set up a basic document and then save it as a template. […]

What Should I Include in a Monthly Puppet Team Newsletter?

When we had a traveling team, we put out a monthly newsletter to 100 families and individuals. It took some work, but was well worth it. The last post talked about why publish a newsletter. This one talks about what to include in it. 1. Highlights from the past month. Share some of the exciting things […]

Should I Consider a Monthly Newsletter for My Puppet Team?

If you have a puppet ministry within your local church or have a traveling team, it is a great idea to publish a monthly newsletter. Here are 5 reasons to consider it. Monthly newsletters keep your team/ministry partners informed. For church teams, it allows those who pray for you to see the results of their […]

What Should I Do When Critiquing Other Puppeteers?

The last two posts have talked about critiquing in order to improve your puppet skills. Critiquing is when someone out front watches your performance and gives suggestions to improve the quality of the puppetry. Critiquing, when done properly, is one of the greatest ways a team can help a puppeteer improve their skills. When practicing, […]

What Shouldn’t I Do When Critiquing a Fellow Puppeteer?

The last post talked about the importance of critiquing in order to improve your puppet skills. Critiquing is when someone out front watches your performance and gives suggestions to improve the quality of the puppetry. Here are some things to keep in mind when critiquing: The goal is to improve the puppeteer’s skills. It’s not […]

Critiquing Puppet Plays-What’s That?

One of the things that helped improve my puppetry the most is called critiquing. Critiquing is when someone watches your performance and gives hints, helps, and suggestions to help you improve. The first team my wife and I worked with had a director who was a stickler for details. He didn’t work the puppets, but […]

Need a Quick Puppet Theater? Use a Doorway.

Sometimes you may be asked to perform a puppet show in a place you don’t have enough space to set up your theater or don’t have a theater available. What do you do? You could find something in the room to hide behind, a piano, a standing chalkboard, or a desk. If you’re presentation involves […]

Energize Your Puppet Scripts – Part 2

In the last post, I talked about the importance of maintaining proper volume when doing scripts. If the audience can’t hear the play, having great puppet skills doesn’t help. If you want to energize your play and make it one that the audience will remember, there is one key element you have to have. Enthusiasm! […]

Energize Your Puppet Scripts

In judging at the Teens Involved competition each year, I’ve seen several hundred scripts performed. Some I still remember, but others faded from memory on the way home. What made the difference? Here’s some insight I’ve gleaned from these presentations. The First is Volume. Puppeteers have to speak loud enough, without yelling, for the audience […]

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A Simple Step to Use When Writing Your Own Plays

Through the course of our puppet experience, we’ve written several scripts. Some can be found on my website ( as free downloads. When writing a script, one basic thing to keep in mind is that you are telling (or acting out) a story. To write a story well, you need to keep in mind the […]