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Have You Missed These Ministry Opportunities

When we first started ministering with puppets, I only focused on the actual program itself as ministry time. Before and after the program was setup and take down time. God used a program early on to help me realize that ministry opportunities tend to show up when you least expect them and that you always […]

Fastening Scripts to Your Theater

One of the things to consider when using puppet scripts is how you will fasten them to your theater. The key is to do it in a way that will protect them, but keep them easily seen. In this post I’ll share a couple of different ways to hang them. Initially, we fastened just the […]

Protecting Puppet Scripts

One of the problems in using scripts in a live performance is that they can fall off and be damaged, or can be ruined by mishandling them during the performance. While, you can’t always stop that from happening, you can protect your scripts. What I suggest is to get a 3-Ring Binder and some top-loading […]

How fast can you take down your theater?

That may seem like an insignificant question at first, but there is a reason I ask it. During our travels, we often did a Sunday School program in the main auditorium to the whole Sunday School. Then, we’d have to remove all the equipment from the stage before the morning service started. Many times we […]

Develop a Friend Puppet – Part 3

The last two posts have dealt with friend puppets. Once you’ve decided on the puppet and the personality, it’s time to begin developing that personality. The way we did it was to practice routines together with the emcee and the person doing the puppet. We’d practice them in front of the rest of the team […]

Develop a Friend Puppet – Part 2

The last post I talked about developing a friend puppet. A friend puppet is simply one that interacts with the audience and emcee on a lighthearted level. We use a large dog puppet we named Mugwhump as our friend puppet. I’m the only one who works Mugwhump because we have developed a character and personality […]

Develop a Friend Puppet

Often when new people come to a church type meeting, they come with some reservations and some walls up. As long as they have walls up in their minds, learning will be hindered. If you hit your message straight and hard right at the beginning, the walls will get higher. People learn better and retain […]

Program Length—Over Planning – Part 2

The last post I talked about programs where you are given a specific time to fill. But, there are some times when you’ll get an open ended time frame. Some examples are children’s church programs, a children’s program during a mission’s conference or some other type of conference, or a children’s program while some other […]

Program Length—Over Planning – Part 1

Most often when you book a puppet program, you’ll be given a specific length of time to minister. It may be 10-15 minutes, 40 minutes, or some other set number. For those types of programs, it is simple to determine how to fill the time. If you’ve got 10 minutes, you can present a 3 […]