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A Common Mistake to Avoid

I’ve had the privilege of observing many puppet teams over the years as a judge for a Teen’s Involved program. In this post, I’d like to talk about a common mistake I’ve seen over and over. The mistake involves using rod arm puppets where the puppet’s arm is held out during most of the program. […]

Importance of Concentrating on Your Puppet

Between watching the puppeteers on my team and judging at a teen puppetry event for several years now, I’ve seen a lot of puppets in action—some good and some not so good. In watching the differences, I’ve asked myself the question, “What makes the difference between a quality puppeteer and an average or even poor […]

Can children be part of a puppet team?

I’ve directed several puppet teams over the years, but most of them have involved teenagers or adults. The only exception was when our boys were young and became part of our team. We were ministering at a church when the boys were about ten years old. Our custom was to have them sit on the […]

How can I work on my puppet skills?

To help keep my puppet skills up to date, I like to have a puppet in my office that I can use for practice purposes. That way, when I have a few extra minutes while waiting for something (usually my computer) I can put it on and practice a song or play. I want to […]

Proper Puppet Positioning While on Stage

Today, I’m sharing a couple of tips from my course on beginning and advanced puppetry. They deal with puppet positioning when on stage. Something you need to be careful to avoid is the dreaded “quicksand” patches that seem to infiltrate almost every theater. In the movies, when someone steps into quicksand, they slowly begin to […]

Introduction to our Puppet Tips Blog

One of the goals of this blog and our website Experience Puppets is to provide online training and helps to the puppetry community. Our emphasis is on puppet ministry for the Christian community and using puppets to teach about the importance of building character into your life for both sacred and secular teams. On the […]